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Using Commercial Property to Ease Cash Flow

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

In this series of blog posts we will explore various options for easing cash flow during this period of high UK price inflation

In several ways, refinancing commercial property could help preserve cash flow:

Your current mortgage could be refinanced onto a new contract, which could lower your monthly payments or at the very least provide you with fixed rate protection for a predetermined amount of time - reducing the amount of variation seen in your finances and provide more accurate forecasting

Refinancing commercial property can also be used to release additional funds for your business. Due to the lender's security interest in your property, the interest rate is significantly lower than that of short-term business loans and typically takes place over an extended period (commonly 15 to 25 year terms) leading to smaller monthly payments than alternative finance products.

We collaborate with lenders who may also accept residential BTL property as collateral for loans for business reasons - which could significantly ease cashflow over a short term unsecured loan

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