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  • Philip Bacon

PSVAR Finance: What you need to know.

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

PSVAR (public service vehicle accessibility and regulations), is a government legislation to convert existing buses/coaches to meet the accessibility requirements. As instructed by the Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee; public buses and coaches must provide wheelchair access, effecting step and seat dimensions, markings, and handrails. This legislation affects all coaches with more than 22 passenger seats, used on a regular basis.

Complying with PSVAR legislation is an expensive outlay for many coach operators and Knights Row are here to help support by raising PSVAR Finance.

We know how important it is to keep your vehicles in line with government standards. To fit with these regulations, there are two options. Take the cost on and replace your current fleet with new vehicles or renovate your existing vehicles to fit the new PRSVAR regulations.

Either way, this is expensive and can be a big financial strain on your business, especially if you have more than one coach. That’s why Knights Row has several finance options for businesses struggling to find cash to comply with PSVAR.

The original deadline to apply for this finance was 2020, although this has been missed in many cases and the government have offered extensions. Nevertheless, without the right support, this finance is scarce and difficult to apply for.

We can help virtually every business find a way to source finance, whether this be refinancing existing fleet (even if currently financed) or even using trade finance to raise the funds and spread the costs. If you are eligible for PSVAR funding, then we have the access to source it. We are 100% impartial with our ‘whole of market’ lender panel.

Contact Knights Row for a Business Finance and Property Loans

Now that you’re aware there are options available to you for complying with PSVAR, you may be ready to apply. Knights Row are a leading commercial finance and property broker, able to find you the best rate for your business.

We also provide many other property and business solutions to help expand your business. Our experts will help you throughout the process and ensure you avoid any common commercial finance mistakes.

To find out more, contact us on 0333 339 5905 or make an enquiry, today.



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