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Using Sales Ledger Lending To Fund Business Acquisition

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

In this series of posts we look at ways to leverage current assets of the business to fund your buy out

Your ability to finance the deal will be at the top of your agenda if you're considering buying another company or buying the company you presently run from its current owners.

There might be some cash involved, but what other kind of loan is the most practical? To find an appropriate solution, we advise looking at the assets of the acquiring firm or your current business.

Based on a company's assets, asset-based lending makes use one or more of the assets the business already has, making it potentially more efficient and economical than looking for unsecured financing independently. This week we will look at property and land:

Sales Ledger (Debtors Book)

You can use the unpaid invoices you have issued in your existing company (your debtors book) or those of the target company of your acquisition to assist in financing the purchase of the business.

The debtors' book is a company asset that, if unencumbered, has the potential to free up crucial funds for the transaction you want to complete.

This money is then repaid via the normal course of business operations rather than through fixed loan payments made each month regardless of the amount of business activity, which could add significantly to the value of your transaction.

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