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Please find details of our commercial property finance  solutions


Commercial Mortgages are used to fund the purchase, or refinance of, commercial and semi-commercial properties. In general terms, there are 2 types of Commercial Mortgages:

  • Owner Occupied – The purchase or refinance of the property where the company is currently operating, or the purchase of a new property to move to and operate from.

  • Commercial Investment – The purchase or refinance of commercial or semi-commercial property which will be rented to another company to operate from – essentially a commercial Buy To Let.


An investor may purchase, via a limited company (“Special Purpose Vehicle” or SPV), an investment property as part of a long-term investment strategy. These range from a single property to building a portfolio of properties, BTL’s to HMO’s and MUFB’s.


Short-term property finance with faster completion compared to traditional mortgage finance; the ‘Exit’ from the loan is commonly the sale of the asset, or long-term re-financing.

Multiple uses: auction purchases / requirement to purchase quickly / refurbishment and development periods / releasing equity to raise working capital.


Finance terms available vary according to the initial value of the property / land, the costs and fees of the development work, the projected value of the completed development and your previous experience of development. Variants include:

  • Light Refurbishment – Cosmetic refurbishment with no structural changes.

  • Heavy Refurbishment – Contains cosmetic work, but usually renovation work including structural changes or changes to the footprint of the property.

  • Ground Up Development – Commonly starts from vacant land, can include demolition and rebuild projects.

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